Department of Agronomy is the biggest discipline, which was formed as an integral part in the faculty of Agriculture, since the inception of the College in 1961. The department runs undergraduate, post-graduate and the doctoral programmes, to train the students in the field of agriculture. The department offers 8 courses to under graduate students. The students are also given opportunities to participate in all the farm operations for understanding the principles of crop production, by way of allotting individual plots for cultivation of various field crops. Final year B.Sc (Ag.) students are practically guided in various aspects of crop production under field conditions during RAWE programme and imparting hands on practical knowledge during Agricultural Experiential Learning Programme (AELP). Post graduate programme in Agronomy was started in 1971 and Ph.D programme in 1993. So far, 258 and 29 students were awarded the degrees of M.Sc (Ag.) and Ph.D in Agronomy respectively. The department has done considerable PG research work which is useful to the farming community of the region in the fields of soil moisture conservation, crop diversification including fodder crops ,weed management, nutrient management including INM, organic farming and cropping systems . The department has good linkage with ITC, volunteer organizations, NGO’s, line departments and sister concerned institutes. The department has its own library containing a collection of rare books (many of them are out of print), unique to this college. The department is also having laboratory facilities for analysing nutrients in plant and soil samples. Instrumentation room is being maintained with Leaf Area Meter, Root Scanner, Digital Vernier Calipers, Pressure plate apparatus, Rice polisher, Rice husker, All Quartz Double Distillation Unit, Reverse osmosis unit of 5 stage purification, double distillation unit for distilled water, Flame photometer and seed counter. The Department is maintaining a B class meteorological observatory wherein the daily data is being recorded on temperature, rainfall, evaporation and wind direction and velocity.


Faculty Profile





Name: Dr.A.Pratap Kumar Reddy

Designation: Professor & Head



Phone No. 09490747570

Area of Specialization : Nutrient management. and
Dry farming and water management





Name: Dr. G. Prabhakara Reddy

Designation: Professor


Phone No. 9441871379

Area of Specialization : Dry Farming, Irrigation Management and
Nutrient Management




Name: Dr. V. Chandrika

Designation: Professor


Phone No.: 9849834220

Area of Specialization : Nutrient Management, Weed Management
and Forage crops




Name: Dr. V.Sumathi

Designation: Professor


Phone No.: 9849284524

Area of Specialization : Soil and Nutrient Management



Name: Dr.S.Hemalatha

Designation: Professor


Phone No.: 09849563052

Area of Specialization : Nutrient management,
Dry farming and Agroforestry



Name: Dr. A.V.Nagavani

Designation: Associate Professor


Phone No.: 9441862220

Area of Specialization : Integrated nutrient management,

Crop production




Name: Dr. D.Subramanyam

Designation: Associate Professor


Phone No.: 9440117779

Area of Specialization : Herbicide Technology and Integrated
Weed Management, Water Management

tl_files/gofewo/images/agronomy/agr6.png Name: Dr. Y.Reddi Ramu
Designation: Assistant  Professor
Phone No.: 9441885637
Area of Specialization : Weed Management and Organic farming

Name: Ms. C. Nagamani

Designation: Assistant Professor


Phone No.: 9966913009

Area of Specialization : Dryland farming