Board Of Regents

College Advisory Board (CAB)


The planning pertaining to the courses of a discipline is left to the Head of the department following the guidelines of the ICAR and in turn is guided and supervised by the university head of that particular discipline. Regarding day to day planning, Head of the department is responsible to monitor the teaching and student-staff research activities.


The student-teacher joint council is responsible to formulate and modify the curricular and extra-curricular activities of the college.  Besides, the council contributes for extra amenities both for the staff and students of the college.


The head of the institute will periodically review the progress of activities keeping in view the guidelines of the ANGRAU & ICAR  besides utilization of the budget allocated for each financial year so as to prioritize certain items and fulfill the mandate appropriately. The allocation of land and other required resource is carried out by the Associate Dean in staff council meetings as per the need of the individual departments and intake of the students in that particular discipline.

Student-Teacher Council
Officer in Charge of Advisory System Wardens NSS Programme Officer NCC Officer Asst Professor of Physical Education Residential Medical Officer Heads of Departments Student Representatives