Adhoc research schemes presently in operation in the College


Sl.No Department Scheme Duration Amount( Lakh)
1 Plant Pathology 1 ICAR project on Diagnosis and Management of Leaf Spot Diseases of field and Horticultural crops (CLS of ground nut)  3 years 30.0
2 DST project on Development of Nucleic acid based diagnosis of fungicide tolerant and integrated management Colletorichum gluospolioides penz. Causing Mango Anthracnose disease. 3 years 21.5
3 DBT project on Molecular Characterization and Development of Commercial Formulation of Potential Bio-Pesticide against Sclerotium rolfsii SACC causing stem rot of ground nut. 3 years 44.5
2 Agril. Economics 1 Establishment and Networking of Agricultural Marketing intelligence Centers in India 3 years 74.0

Research  Contributions



  • PNUTGRO V 4.0 (DSSAT model) was validated for growth parameters and yield of ground nut under Tirupati (13.27O N latitude, 79.360 E longitude and 82.9 m altitude) conditions
  • Application of 45-60-75  N-P2O5-K2O Kg ha-1  along with basal application of ZnSO4 @ 10 kg ha-1 , Borax @ 5kg ha-1, FeSO4 @ 2.5 kg ha-1 , CuSO4 @ 5 kg ha-1. was found optimum for groundnut
  • Sowing of groundnut  during first fortnight of July was optimum during drought year Cultivars “Abhaya” was better than the Narayani, TMV-2 and JL-24 under moisture stress, stress-free and even moderate stress conditions  




The total productivity of sugarcane intercropping system can be enhanced by intercropping with greengram in the paired row ( 40 x120 cm) Planting



  • Highest grain yield of aerobic rice and net returns could be obtained with 260 kg N ha-1 and 25%N could be substituted with FYM
  • Pre-emergence application of Oxadiargyl @ 75 g ha-1 + bispyribac-sodium 30 g ha-1 applied at 20 days after transplantation was found to be on par with two hand weedings at 20&40 days after transplantation of rice.



  • The baby corn genotype G-5414 was found superior over Golden baby and  G – 5406. Among the organic manures, poultry manure was the best alternative to get good quality baby corn yield.
  • Application of 150-70-50 Kg N, P2O5 and K2O ha-1  and  split application of nitrogen 1/4th at  basal + 1/2 at knee high + 1/4th at  tasselling had substantially increased the green cob weight, kernel number/cob, green cob and fodder yield in sweet corn.
  • Planting pattern at 60 x 20 cm with 83,333 plants/ha is effective in Suppressing weeds in maize and recording highest green cob and green fodder yield.
  • pre-emergence application of atrazine @ 1 kg/ha followed by hand weeding at 30 days after sowing proved significant  in suppressing weeds during the critical period of weed competition in sweet corn.



  • The highest yield of sunflower was realized with the genotype MFSH – 17 when sown during first fortnight of October at a spacing of 60x30 cm (55,555 plants/ha), pre-emergence application of Pendimethalin@ 1 Kg ha-1 + one inter cultivation at 25 DAS and application of 100-62.5-37.5 N-P2O5-K2O Kg ha-1.
  • Planting at 45 x 30 cm coupled with pre-emergence application of Pendimethalin@ 1 Kg ha-1 + one inter cultivation at 30 days after sowing for recording highest yield and economic returns.