The English language has become a part of our culture. Communication plays a vital role in any organization. A good commanding over the English language is quite essential for the development of a career. There is a great opportunity for students to improve their communication skills. For this purpose, the department of English develops students skills in both written and oral. The written communication, develop through Précis writing, Business Correspondence and Report writing. In order to enhance the effectiveness of communication skills, we provide a good atmosphere in classrooms to practice much. We focus on grammar, conduct seminars and oral presentations by students.

For B.Sc(Ag):


Course No Title Credits
ENGL 101 Comprehension and Communication Skills in English 2(1+1)


For M.Sc (Ag) & Ph.D:

Course No Title Credits
PGS – 502 Technical writing and Communication Skills in English Satisfactory

Our Staff

Smt. K .Yamuna

Teaching Assistant



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Email: Yamuna.kprasad@gmail.com