Statistics and Computer Applications

Department of Statistics and Computer Applications

Department Profile:

The Department of Statistics and Computer Applications was established in the Sri Venkateswara Agricultural College, ANGRAU, Tirupati in the year 1978. The department is offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the students enrolled in this College. The postgraduate programme in Agricultural Statistics leading to M.Sc. (Agri) degree in Agricultural Statistics was started in the year 2010. At present, the department is offering three courses for undergraduate, twenty courses for M.Sc. Agricultural Statistics students besides six service courses for Post Graduate and Ph.D. students of different departments. Giving the consultancy to the P.G and Ph.D. (Agricultural, Veterinary, and Agricultural Engineering) students in the planning and analysis of their research work.

Department Activities:

Important activities of the department are grouped under the heads of Teaching, Research, Trainings and Statistical consultancy.


The major activity of the department is teaching wherein it offering M.Sc(Agri) programme in Agricultural Statistics. The department is also offering postgraduate courses in Statistics, Mathematics and Computer applications to the students of other departments to meet their needs in the application of Statistical techniques in their respective research.


The staff of the department is also actively involved in research like forecasting of crop areas, crop production, marketing prices and construction of forewarning models for pest and diseases of various major crops in different areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Ongoing external funded projects:

  1. Name of the grant receiving Organization : Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University, SV Agricultural College, Tirupati
  2. Name of the Principal Investigator (PI)     : Dr. P. Lavanya Kumari (Statistics & Computer Applications)
  3. Names of Co-Investigators                            : Dr. I .Paramasiva (Entomology),   Dr. U. Vineetha(Agronomy) and Dr. A.Veeraiah (Extension)
  4. Sree PVF Sanction order no & date            :Sree PVF/G/AS/22/2, dt. 28/06/2022
  5. Title of the Project                                     : Artificial Intelligence based modeling of major pests in Rice crop to promote Forewarning advisory services in Andhra Pradesh
  6. Name of the Sree PVF Scheme                : Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Research Grants 2022
  7. Grant Amount                                              : 35.5 lakhs
  8. Project duration                                        : 2 years (01-09-2022 to 31-08-2024)
  9. Type of grants                                            : Non Recurring and Recurring


The chronological order of Head of the Departments pertaining to Department of Statistics & Mathematics are as follows:

Heads of the Department

Sl.No. Heads of the Department : Period
1. Dr. M. Meenakshi Bai : 1978 to 1996
2. Dr. K. Subramanyam Reddy : 1996 to 1998
3. Sri. G. Munaswamy Naidu : 1998 to 2000
4. Dr. K. Subramanyam Reddy : 2000 to 2001
5. Dr. S. Ismail : 2001 to 2010
6. Dr. G. Mohan Naidu : 2010 to 2020
7. Dr.B.Ramana Murthy : Jul,Aug,2020
8. Dr.P.Lavanya Kumari : 2020 to till date

Our Staff


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