Institutional Development Plan,(National Agriculture Higher Education Project)

S.V. Agricultural College, Tirupati


Implementation period  :2018-2021

 The progress in various activities of IDP- in terms of national, international trainings, creation of a virtual class room facility and central instrumentation facility at S.V.Agricultural College, Tirupati is as follows

National Trainings during 2018 – 2020

 A total of 103 Students from B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture were sent to 13 National training Programmes during 2018-2020 to NAARM, MANAGE, at Hyderabad. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) at Gujarat, NI-MSME at Hyderabad, ICAR-IISS, Mau,U.P, Hi-tech Research & Training unit at KAU,Thrisur, ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, CIPHET, Ludhiana and ICAR-CSWRTI, Dehradun.

International Trainings during 2019

 Thirteen students from third year B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture has attended for International Training Programme. Out of them,Seven students went to Kansas State University for internship training programme and six students went to Oklahoma State University for “twining programme”, “Skill Development” and “International Exposure”.

Infrastructure facilities

1.Virtual Classroom

  • The Virtual Classroom was established in an area of 134.32 sq.m (14.6×9.2m) with 96 seating capacity.
  • The following AV aids worth were fixed in the virtual class room
S.No Equipment S.No Equipment
1 Lloyd TV – 65 inches 6 Mounting Rack
2 Conference camera 7 Dell desktop
3 Camera mixer 8 Speaker & microphones
4 Hp Laptop 9 Ben Q Ultra short throw interactive projector MW855UST
5 Epson document camera 10 Ceramic writing cum projector board

2.Central Instrumentation Cell  

1 Plant stress meter
2 Win DIAS Rapid System
3 Refrigerated Centrifuge 5424R
4 Thermal cycler (PCR machine)
5 Orbitek Table top centrifuge
6 Handheld Portable Photosynthesis system
7 Double distillation unit
8 Flame Photometer
9 Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer
10 Line quantum sensor
11 Mini bead beater -16 (Tissue lyser)
12 UV Visible Spectrophotometer
13 Rt- PCR
14 Bio Spectrometer
15 DNA Concentrator
16 Autoclave(2.No)
17 Thermo Mixer
18 Electronic weighing balance – 220g (2.No)
19 Refrigerated Centrifuge 15403ER
21 Electronic weighing balance – 320g
22 Stereo zoom Trinocular microscope
23 20KVA UPS
25 BIO RAD – 2D Electrophoresis
26 Fluorescent microscope
27 BOD Incubator
28 -200C Freezer
29 Laminar Air Flow