External Funded Projects

         Project details 

  1. Title of the project: “Causes and consequences of e- National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) on the Economic Development of Indian Agriculture – A case study”.
  2. Funded by : National Agricultural Science Fund (NASF).
  3. CCPI: Dr. I. Bhavani Devi, Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, S. V. Agricultural College, ANGRAU, Tirupati.
    1. Co-PI 1: P. L .R. J. Praveena, Professor & Head, Department of Agricultural Extension,Agricultural College, ANGRAU, Rajahmundry.
    2. Co-PI 2: S. Rajeswari, Asst. Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, S. V.Agricultural College, ANGRAU, Tirupati.
    3. SRF 1: Meesala Harika, M. Sc. (Agricultural Economics)
    4. SRF 2: Manne Sri Sandhya, M. Sc. (Agricultural Economics)
  1. Date of sanction: 01-06-2019
  2. Date of completion: 31-05-2022
  3. Budget of the project (Rupees in lakhs) : 32.24778


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