Information Centre

The college has established Information Centre for providing information on improved agricultural technologies to the farmers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. The objective of the Centre was to establish a knowledge delivery dissemination and supporting system to make available various innovative and farm worthy agricultural information, technologies and resources evolved at the ANGRAU particularly for  the benefit of  the farmers and students. The centre has facilities of display of information, models of equipment/machineries, charts/photographs and college publications. Provides new knowledge to the students, farmers through display of various information material arranged in an orderly manner i.e show casing the latest technical know-how for the benefit of various stakeholders . Finally to achieve the objective of  empowering farmers through direct access to information and knowledge.

Information materials kept for display

-Charts/photographs on latest varieties regarding Rice, Ground nut, pulses developed from     ANGRAU

-Display of samples of improved varieties of paddy, green gram, ground nut, millets etc.,

-Display of dried specimens of diseases and pests of cereal, pulse and fruit crops.

– Display of various specimens of rocks and minerals

-Display of models of agricultural tillage implements both bullock drawn and tractor drawn   made of wood and iron.

-Display of dried specimens of different weeds that usually found in the region

-Display of specimens of both harmful and beneficial insects

-Display of information material in the form of compact discs and booklets on innovative and   farm worthy  agricultural  technologies.

Visitors feed back

By keeping a separate register the feedback from the visitors i.e university officials, officials from other universities, State Dept. Officials, farmers etc., is being obtained for further improvement.

Some Pics of Information Centre