Head of the Department & Faculty

Head of the department

Name: Dr. V. Chandrika

Professor & Head

Nutrient management, weed management and Forage Technology

Mobile: 9849834220

Email: agro.svagctpt@angrau.ac.in, v.chandrika@angrau.ac.in

Our Staff

Dr. S. Hemalatha



Mobile: 9849563052

Email: s.hemalatha@angrau.ac.in

Dr. A.V.Nagavani


Nutrient management, weed management and Forage Technology

Mobile: 6281335189

Email: av.nagavani@angrau.ac.in

Dr. D. Subramanyam



Mobile: 944017779

Email: d.subramanyam@angrau.ac.in

Dr. N.V.Sarala


Crop production Technology

Mobile: 8790638715

Email: n.venkatasarala@angrau.ac.in

Dr. B.Sandhya Rani

Associate Professor

Nutrient Management and Weed Management

Mobile: 9989480370

Email: b.sandhyarani@angrau.ac.in

Dr. C. Nagamani

Assistant Professor

Nutrient Management

Mobile: 9966913009

Email: c.nagamani@angrau.ac.in

Dr.K.Navya Jyothi

Assistant Professor

Nutrient management and weed management

Mobile: 9491640993

Email: k.navyajyothi@angrau.ac.in

Dr. A. Lavanya

Assistant Professor

Animal Husbandry
Livestock production management of Veterinary Sciences

Mobile: 09000977322

Email: a.lavnya@angrau.ac.in