Head of the Department & Faculty

Head of the department

Dr. M. Reddi Kumar

Professor & Head

Molecular Plant Pathology, Biological Control and Mycotoxins


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Email: path.svagctpt@angrau.ac.in, m.reddikumar@angrau.ac.in

Our Staff

Dr. M.K.Jyothsna

Associate Professor


Plant Pathology



Mobile: 7093852057

Email: mk.jyothsna@angrau.ac.in

Ms.P. Arunasree

Assistant Professor

Obtained M.Sc. (Ag) from Plant Pathology, S.V. Agricultural College, ANGRAU, Tirupati in 2004 and persuing Ph.D from S.V. Agricultural College, ANGRAU, Tirupati as in-service student. She has seven and half years experience in teaching almost all UG and P.G core courses. She has been working in fungal pathology with more emphasis on biocontrol

Mobile: +91 9441762385

Email: p.arunasri@angrau.ac.in


Assistant Professor

Completed M.Sc., from Department of Plant Pathology, TNAU, Coimbatore during 2012 and Ph. D from IARI, New Delhi. He received five silver medals and five gold medals for his academic excellence during U.G and P.G programme. He was involved in the development of transgenic groundnut against peanut stem necrosis disease. Recently, he was involved in the identification and characterisation of phytoplasma associated with elephant foot yam, napier grass, plumbago and crossandra which were new reports from the world. He published more than 15 research paper in reputed national and international journals. He had keen interest in the development of rapid diagnostic kits for virus detection and to study host-pathogen interaction of viruses and/or phytoplasma with plant hosts

Mobile: +91 8121311346

Email: m.gurivireddy@angrau.ac.in


Assistant Professor

Received M. Sc. (Ag.) (2011, ICAR-JRF& Gold Medal) and Ph. D (2015, DST- INSPIRE Fellowship) Degrees from Department of Plant Pathology, Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka. Predominantly worked in Plant Virology discipline in characterization of viruses associated with chilli and their management and also bacteriophages characterization and utilization in biocontrol of bacterial diseases. He has one-year work experience each in Pesticide residue analysis of food grains and disease management of spice crops mainly pepper, turmeric and ginger. He has three years of extension research experience in pests and diseases of paddy, groundnut and pulse crops majorly. His line of interest is Detection and Characterization of new viral diseases and innovative management strategies for plant disease control.

Mobile: 9381171707

Email: m.pradeep@angrau.ac.in